Iannone: "I haven't touched Espargaró because he disgusts me. Spaniards are like that"
Iannone: "I haven't touched Espargaró because he disgusts me. Spaniards are like that"

I think it is fair to dedicate a post to Andrea Iannone after his embarrassing performance yesterday during and after the 125 race c.c of the San Marino Grand Prix. As you all know, at the last corner Ianonne threw Pol Espargaró, who was leading the race and already had the finish line in sight.

Not only did he not get to throw it away, but later when Pol went to recriminate his action, he He replied with a dirty head butt. Of course, the head butt with a helmet included, it is not going to be that if he did it without a helmet his face would be disfigured and he could not link with the "Ragazza" on duty.

This action fined Iannone $ 5,000, money that can no longer be spent on buying Italian brand clothing. But it doesn't end there, since Ianonne later made a statement to El Mundo in which she said the following: “I haven't touched Espargaró because it disgusts me. Spaniards are like that”.

Personally I think that the Italians in 125 and 250 begins to go from brown to dark. They must have forgotten that they are motorcycle riders, that racing consists of overtaking on straights, in curves, closing gaps and doing everything legally possible to win.

They are not footballers to whom contact with another pilot can cost them a yellow card. They are motorcycle riders and that is a fight they seem not used to.

Not just Iannone, Pasini also in the 250 race dared to say that Barberá did the odd “barbarity” as they call the actions of my namesake. Very original.

The rivalry between Spain and Italy in the field of motorcycling it has been a constant throughout the history of this sport (not to mention football and the header to Luis Enrique). But that rivalry must be managed with sportsmanship, because motorcycling is precisely that, a sport.

A sport in which there have always been gentlemen, if not ask Angel Nieto. Has it ever occurred to you to react like this against your archrival Agostini?

Andrea, if you are not able to finish first because you are slower than Pol Espargaró who was coming back from the beginning of the race, settle for being second. Maybe with a Derby you could be ahead. Oh no, it's a Spanish brand, gross, right?

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