Julián Simón takes a big step towards the title, courtesy of Andrea Iannone
Julián Simón takes a big step towards the title, courtesy of Andrea Iannone

Explosive 125 race recently contested in Misano. Very disputed from start to finish, almost the first 10 laps were rolled by a front group made up of about 20 motorcycles. In the last bars of the race when it seemed that Pol Espargaró had his second consecutive victory, Andrea Iannone was trying desperately to overtake in the last corner and they would both go to the ground. A troubled river, fishermen gain and Julián Simón, who was third, has won the race, being able to sentence the title in Portugal.

The absolute protagonists in the beginning have been the local pilots Simone Corsi and Andrea Iannone, who together with Nico Terol who started very well, Julián Simón and Bradley Smith who would be overtaken by several pilots already hinted that the race had a lot of fabric to cut. After the first exhaust laps, Iannone and Simón broke the group a bit, at which point Marc Márquez put first in the second and would try to cut the gap without success.

Sergio Gadea fell two curves from the start, a full-blown high side in the middle of the entire peloton. Aspar has had a lot of luck staying still and curled up as tightly as possible, because he has been able to dodge the whole pack of pilots they were shooting together at the time.

As the race progressed, Simone Corsi lost steam, while Nico Terol regained ground, who in the end was second when he was watching the trio head-on at a distance that was impossible to cut. Pol Espargaro he carried out the machado, imposing a very strong rhythm in the third part of the race that led him to the leadership of the same. But Andrea Iannone was not about to let the victory slip away and at the last corner he lost his grip on his bike when he tried to pass the Spaniard inside.

The almost spectacle that the two pilots have starred in after the crash has been deplorable. Both are hot, but both are partly to blame. On the one hand, the angry approach of Pol Espargaró (that the same or lack of words, but the forms prey to anger give rise to what they give) and on the other the worst response if possible from Iannone. Both must know as pilots to avoid these embarrassing "racing sets" in many ways.

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