Hiroshi Aoyama shows with pole that he is very strong
Hiroshi Aoyama shows with pole that he is very strong

The Japanese and leader of the 250cc world championship, Hiroshi ahoyama, has achieved pole position in the San Marino Grand Prix and sends a clear message to his immediate pursuers. Aoyama signed the first pole of the season with a best time of 1'38.867. Héctor Barberá was second to just eight thousandths, once again proving that in training he can roll hard, although later in the race he cannot get close to the lead pace.

Italians Marco Simoncelli and Mattia Pasini were third and fourth and complete the front row of the grid. Mike di Meglio, Álex Debón, Héctor Faubel and Álvaro Bautista will start from the second row. Bautista has not done good training sessions and tomorrow will have to make a good start if you do not want to lose options to victory. A victory that the Japanese will surely fight to the death to show that for something he is the leader and for the moment the pilot to beat.

1 Hiroshi Aoyama 1'38.867

2 Hector Barberá 1'38.875 3 Marco Simoncelli 1'39.038 4 Mattia Pasini 1'39.068 5 Mike Di Meglio 1'39.397 6 Alex Debon 1'39.416 7 Hector faubel 1'39.602 8 Alvaro Bautista 1'39.825 9 Roberto Locatelli 1'39.915 10 Ratthapark Wilairot 1'39.969

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