IOMTT 2009, 600cc workouts
IOMTT 2009, 600cc workouts

There it is, this video is taken by an amateur in the last Isle of Man TT 2009. It belongs to the tests of the Supersport 600 category in the Gorse Lea area, a right-hand curve that is taken at more than 240 km / h. This year Cameron Donald beat John McGuinnes' record of 130 mph (209.2 Km / h) leaving him in 131 mph (210.9 Km / h) I remind you that we are talking about average speed on a circuit of more than 60 km long, which is not easy.

Most riders who have ever participated in the Isle of Man TT say that you can never go more than 30% of the concentration mental in the race, due throughout the circuit. In a MotoGP circuit there is usually close to 80% concentration, and in the case of some riders it is close to 90% which is a lot if we take into account that a race lasts 45 minutes, compared to the long hour they dedicate to the test on the Isle of Man.

What is a running madness? Well yes, more than anything because rare is the year that there are no deaths in the race or training, and the accidents are horrifying. But it is still an organized race and keeps alive the spirit of early 20th century racing that has been lost in all other motorcycle events in the world.

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