Spain, land of circuits: upcoming opening of the Motorland Aragón circuit
Spain, land of circuits: upcoming opening of the Motorland Aragón circuit

I still remember a few years ago, when in Spain there were hardly a couple of permanent circuits: Jarama and Calafat. And at that time the long judicial ordeal of Calafat began, which separated him from the celebration of races for many years. Jarama remained the only permanent circuit, today in low hours. It has rained a lot, and fortunately today we have a spectacular park of circuits of all kinds. Suitable circuits coexist for world championships, for national races, for club races or batches. And all this seasoned with a climate which is the envy of the rest of Europe.

We are in luck because a new circuit is joining those that already exist. This is the circuit of Motorland Aragon in Alcañiz. On September 5 and 6, the new circuit will be inaugurated with the dispute of a race of the Aragon Speed Championship. The track is practically finished with all the asphalt tape and the asphalt and gravel escape areas can already be seen in the (spectacular) aerial photos. The circuit is designed by the usual Herman Tilke, which has had the collaboration of Pedro Martinez de la Rosa.

It is a long circuit, 5,345 meters, with a width from 12 to 15 meters. The main straight has a length of 1,726 meters, so that maximum speeds of scandal can be reached. In addition, you look in detail at the aerial photos that are on the web, you can guess original curves with personality. In short, a high-flying circuit that completes the offer in our country, in an area of great tradition (let's remember the Alcañiz urban circuit since 1965). Welcome!