Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi's worst partner
Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi's worst partner

If something has become clear in the scuffle of statements in recent weeks by Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi, it is the "Cordial disagreement" that the two roosters have in the same box. It is true that they maintain their forms and the blood has not reached the river. But the statements and responses have made it clear that the train wreck exists. Valentino Rossi would be delighted to change boxing partners. Jorge Lorenzo longs to be the boss of a box.

Why has Valentino Rossi so clearly shown that he would be delighted with him? change of boxing partner? Valentino came to Yamaha at a difficult time for the brand and has been able to turn the subject around: at the moment it is the best motorcycle, the reference for everyone. Valentino feels that he is YOUR motorcycle and it bothers him that another rider comes to dispute the victory and supremacy with HIS motorcycle. If we analyze the teammates in the top category, we will see that I've never had a similar situation before.

Rossi reached the top category in 2000 (then it was still 500) in the Nastro Azzuro team. Officially it was not an official team, but it was actually an official team Full-fledged: the entire HRC technical team that Doohan had led by Jeremy Burgess. Official or not? That year he had no teammate, and the special and long-lasting relationship between Jeremy and Valentino began to emerge.

In the season 2001 continued solo with the same technical group And it was not bad: he won the last world championship of the yearned 500. This was his last year without a teammate.

The season 2002 already had the rank of official HRC team, although in fact it was still the same technical group that had accompanied him since his arrival in the top category, always led by Jeremy Burgess. That season had like teammate to Tohru Ukawa. In fact, Tohru was a really comfortable partner who acted more like a test driver from the same HRC team. That was the year of the first title of the RC211V, then still the 990.

Year 2003 was his last season at HRC. That year he released a new partner: Nicky Hayden. Nicky just arrived at the World Championship that season without experience with MotoGP motorcycles and also, he did not know any of the World Championship circuits. Nicky is a kind and well-mannered guy who lived that season as a learning without any pressure nor demand for results. Another teammate who didn't put him in trouble. 2003 was the year of the big decision: the jump to Yamaha.

Arriving at Yamaha in 2004 was found as a teammate to the good Carlos Checa. I remember some unfortunate statements by Carlos in the 2004 preseason in which he said that what Yamaha needed was to invest in the bike and not spend a million to hire a pilot. We already know the rest of the story: the fabulous year 2004 that started with victory and ended up making Yamaha champion with the bike it found upon arrival. Throughout the season Carlos was surpassed by Valentino and at the end of the season he looked for new airs.

The seasons 2005, 2006 and 2007 had Colin Edwards as a teammate. I think everyone can say good things about Colin: one of the healthiest and most hearty guys in the paddock. Colin arrived psyched up to be the second rider and fulfilled his role perfectly during the three years he was at Yamaha. In fact, recently in Laguna Seca he even said about Valentino that he was the greatest of all time. Colin was the perfect teammate for Rossi at Yamaha and I think if it were up to him, he would still be his teammate.

But at Yamaha they were beginning to think about the future and in 2008 they signed a promising driver from 250. The idea was to have someone with potential for the future next to Valentino since there had been quite a few rumors of retirement these years. Valentino was never too amused by Jorge's presence and the switch to Bridgestone was the perfect excuse for the wall in the box. Despite having a partner, Valentino returned to the origins.

In fact, in this 2009 season the wall has continued. But this year Jorge has exploded and has exceeded all expectations after a difficult 2008 season. The pilot of the future has become an option of the present this year. And here the train crash has arrived. The season is being a gift for all the fans with the direct fights between Valentino and Jorge: is showing us the best Valentino who has managed to overcome Lorenzo in the last five races, although with a close fight.

At the moment Valentino is getting Jorge to stop, but he knows that Lorenzo is an unstoppable force. Intense years of struggle await them and if only by the law of age, Sooner or later, Jorge will surpass Valentino. And it will be hard for Rossi to do it with HIS same bike, knowing that by improving the Yamaha he is also arming his worst enemy. Therefore, to Valentino would love for Lorenzo to go to another team, but he also knows that the safest thing is for him to stay.

And that's a gift to all of us fans.