NZI Vitesse II
NZI Vitesse II

As we anticipated a few days ago, the Spanish helmet brand NZI celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In its range, it has helmets of all kinds, and although some of the best known are its inexpensive models, they also manufacture others of the most avant-garde.

This is the case with the Vitesse II model, an integral sporty design that has one of the best aerodynamics on the market. The outer shell is made of carbon fiber composite, so that a very contained weight and the necessary resistance are achieved in a full face helmet like this. The outer shell is available in two sizes, to adapt to any head size.

The NZI Vitesse II has a ventilation system that allows air to circulate fluidly and the interior is made of a very soft and comfortable material called "Outlast" that can also be washed without problems.

Another feature of the Vitesse II is the sun protection system, that small screen that you can see on the inside of the normal protection screen. This protector is activated by pressing a button and although aesthetically it is not very attractive, the truth is that it does its job well.

The normal screen is easy to remove thanks to the QRS "Quick Replaceable System". To evacuate the air from the interior, it has two outlets at the rear.

The sizes for the small shell range from XS (54) to M (57) and for the large shell from L (58-59) and XL (60-61). The weight is 1,400 + 50 grams and depending on the exterior colors, the prices range from 259 to 306 euros.

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