New York stuff: a "motorcycle museum" in a drugstore
New York stuff: a "motorcycle museum" in a drugstore

Taking advantage of the days of Christmas and the end of the year, I have made a getaway to New York, where do i write from these days the post. The truth is that I walk with a tremendous motorcycle "monkey" because here in winter there is very little motorcycle life: the project of renting a Harley and going at the end of the year to the new Harley museum in Milwaukee will have to wait: the rental house motorcycles told me that at this time of year they send the rental motorcycles to Florida.

But New York always holds surprises. The unexciting plan this afternoon was to accompany my partner to buy some creams in a historic pharmacy. When I got to the pharmacy my eyes were wide as saucers when I saw that the store itself was a small motorcycle museum. Distributed by the store I have come across half a dozen classic motorcycles American Harley and Indian brands.

The oldest motorcycle was dated to 1915. It was accompanied by other jewels from 1934 (2), 1943, 1955, … In addition, all the motorcycles very well documented, with a poster explaining the originality or justification of their presence at the exhibition. Interestingly, some of the machines had belonged to public figures such as Clark Gable, Von Dutch or Esteve Mc Queen.

Anyway, I was especially excited to share with you this surprising discovery. In order to photograph the motorcycles among the pots of cream, the displays and the counters, I have had to set up a small "number", with impossible angles to focus on. I have also photographed the explanatory posters of each motorcycle for those curious who want to know more. You can find everything in the gallery of photos of the post (apologies for the photographic quality, but the environment of the same was very complicated).

If someone is here these days or plans to approach New York soon, they will find Kiehl's Pharmacy at the intersection of Third Avenue and 13th Street. As they have been there since 1851, I do not think they will dismantle it now.