The 250 cc will be 600 cc 4-stroke
The 250 cc will be 600 cc 4-stroke

At the last French Grand Prix, Carmelo Ezpeleta CEO of Dorna, the Spanish company that manages the rights of the Grand Prix, has officially presented a proposal to replace the 250cc GP motorcycles in 2011. The proposal is based on three premises. The first that the motorcycles are competitive with each other, with relative equality between them, the second that the motorcycles are cheap and the third that they are prototypes. Something like squaring the circle but for the Grand Prix. It seems that finally have realized that small categories are necessary to go step by step until you reach the Moto GP of today. With what it seems that they have finally abandoned the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating them until leaving only Moto GP as a world class category.

The original proposal was made at MSMA (association of builders) last October so that the bikes are on the track in the 2011 season, with up to 600cc four-stroke engines. What nobody seems to have realized is that this category already exists in the Super Bikes World Championship and it's called Super Sport. But the downside is that this championship is not exploited by Dorna but by Flamini, which is the competition. The how it can sit Flamini This invasion is a mystery at the moment, but it seems to me that someone has had an idea that join GPs with SBK, and I think I know who he is and what his name is. Carmelo Ezpeleta has spent many years trying to become the Ecclestone of motorcycles, and this may be his long-awaited opportunity.

While the mortal fans will have to settle for seeing the races offered by the state network, with their comments and their staff.

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