Jorge Lorenzo has no limits
Jorge Lorenzo has no limits

Now Jorge Lorenzo himself can say what he wants, that I do not believe it. Just as I allowed myself to thank Valentino Rossi for the career he starred in in Shanghai, this time Jorge Lorenzo has to take all the credit for the weekend. Let's see, explain it to me, please, how a person who is prohibited from leaning on his feet, is capable of risking to the point of not even worrying about a possible fall that would finish to mush his battered ankles, go back from a tenth place to second position and say that he's not doing quite right.

Well, those are different topics, and it is always good to push ourselves more and more, but the races that the Majorca is starring in are touching heights that, if they continue like this, I would not be surprised if we continue to talk about them for a long time. In training, varied straights and a drop. Qualification, well, let's say good but not to rave about. The exit, worse, pretty bad within what fits. A few warm-up laps, consolidate rhythm, a few drops, close your eyes and ear twists the Yamaha M1 to finish second ahead of Colin Edwards and of a Dani Pedrosa who was the favorite theoretician for this race, but it seems that he must miss what Lorenzo seems to be missing.

Upgrade: I link to the topic that Marcús proposed yesterday in Going out to win, in which Lorenzo and Pedrosa have surely spoken for minutes in almost the same terms. Worth a read. And it is that results like this are difficult to understand, because Lorenzo they hadn't even infiltrated him for the raceAt least that's what I think I remember, and no matter how much the TV commentator talks about warming up, that there is no pain, etc. the truth is that I can't get used to the idea how to manage that pain. I imagine that his ankles would be quite immobilized, but… well, I won't understand. It will be what he eats, it will be that he is also Martian …

I have to take off my hat this time to Jorge Lorenzo, because, despite Valentino's feat, the review he gave again, that he is the leader of the world championship and all that, we will remember the race almost more for Lorenzo's comeback than for Rossi's equalizer to Ángel Nieto. I already mentioned it, I seem to remember, a few posts ago, if this kid is able to achieve these results with the injuries that we know him, what will he not do as he accumulates experience and overcomes injuries?

And for greater contrast, I would have to gather here my disappointment at a result of Pedrosa which is not bad, but without going into mechanical issues (assessing which motorcycle is better at the moment is easy), I see it very discreet, especially in the form. It gave the feeling of rolling down the track, while the three from Yamaha gave the feeling of fighting to the death. The most, Lorenzo. He has been lucky not to slip and drag himself.

The ten of the week goes to you, that even if you are not going to read me, you are the one who is worth it. Next appointment, Mugello, what are you going to do there? Beat Rossi in his fiefdom, where no one has before?

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