Are motorcycles the future of high performance?
Are motorcycles the future of high performance?

This headline is very similar to the one offered by Paul Crowe in The Kneeslider, but the truth is that with your post you have suggested a very interesting topic, and we must give it deserved recognition. Do you Where is the motor world evolving to?, usually? Isn't it true that with each passing year, cars are more ecologically correct, and that although there are real monsters with heart-stopping performance, the trend is slightly convergent towards saving on fuel? This means that more and more consumption efficiency, technologically more advanced engines are demanded, and in short, fewer supercharged V8 cucumbers (My condolences to "SandMan":, but from the affection …).

And that's where motorcycles have the trump card of getting ahead of the hottest and most exciting mechanical monsters on the road. Whenever the laws allow us, and also common sense, I agree with the author of the post that it will be two-wheelers that mark the frontier of what is powerful and efficient. We will be in luck, as long as there is no illuminated person to castre the improvements in mechanics and the wonders that we are (bad) used to seeing every year with the new motorcycle models.

Are we already in the future?