Dainese concept neck, to protect the cervicals
Dainese concept neck, to protect the cervicals

After the appearance of the Leatt-Brace, a device designed by Dr. Chris Leatt, whose use has already become mandatory in some competitions such as the Dakar, now Dainese has created a new security element aimed at cervical protection.

It is a kind of articulated support that supports the neck against the pressure of the wind, and also in the event of a fall. The plates that make up the system are articulated and "fit" with the shape of the spine without bothering you or impeding ranges of motion. In addition, in case of traveling at a high speed, the system contracts, while at a lower speed it lengthens.

There are two models. On the one hand there is the Neck-4 which costs about 40 euros, and on the other hand the Neck-6, which costs 45 euros but has two additional plates to protect the shoulder blades. Both are one size fits all, since the articulation of the plates ensures adaptation to the morphology of each one.

Dainese concept neck

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