The centenary Tourist Trophy is coming
The centenary Tourist Trophy is coming

This year the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy turns 100, since it has been celebrated since 1907 on that small island between Ireland and Great Britain.

The race, in case someone does not know it yet, takes place along the only road on the island, through the town and up and down the only mountain on the entire island. Things that English gentlemen have when organizing a speed race. The story goes that decided to ride the race on the island when open road racing was banned in BritainAs the Isle of Man has the status of a country, and there were no speed limits, it was chosen to host the test.

Long ago the event fell off the GP world calendar, because of how complicated its route of more than sixty kilometers and the non-existence of any modern security measures, such as loopholes or the like.

Many pilots have died on the island, including our mourned Santi Herrero, the champion among champions of the island Joey dunlop He did not die there, but he did in an urban race in Estonia in 2000.

The funny thing is that thanks to this race today we have the Japanese brands dominating the World Cup, because it was here that Soichiro honda He decided that his bikes would win the World Championship and be the best on the track.

The race attracts fans from all over Europe to the island, and proof of this is that after Daytona in the USA, it is the largest gathering of bikers in the world. The program includes the day of the fans, where they can take a tour of the circuit on which the professional drivers will race the following week.

This video that you can see here is a relatively recent accident, I think 2001, and, oddly enough, the pilot survived with no more than a few small fractures. Definitely a very lucky guy.

Thanks to Morrillu for reminding us of the dates