Euro 0 limitation in Italian cities
Euro 0 limitation in Italian cities

I've been reading for a few days in Italian blogs and forums that in the Tuscany region all vehicles with homologation will be banned from driving through the city centers Euro 0, or what is the same, all enrolled before 1993. With the sole exception of those that are registered in the catalog of Historic Vehicles.

Today the rulers of Lombardy have announced that they are also joining the new law. Bad times for everyone, but worse for most mopeds and scooters that, despite being over 13 years old, continue to circulate. By this I mean the many Vespas that are in limbo among the Historic Vehicles (vehicles with more than 25 years) and current escooteres. The rulers hide in that this way they will get the air in the cities to improve, and also, they will decongest the traffic of the cities …….

But hadn't we agreed that motorcycles already contributed to that? Incredible!

Euro 0 protest 1
Euro 0 protest 1

To those of us who like classic, historical, or simply old vehicles, for whatever reason, vehicles that we take care of and keep running, because ultimately they are pieces of the history shot of the countryThey could not give us a more treacherous stab than that of forbidding us to circulate with our vehicles through the cities.

In the end, what will we do, go to the industrial estates as if we were going to make a bottle?

So no one will be bothered by a 40-year-old Vespa that fumes because its engine is the original.

Skinny favor.

The worst thing is that when you see your neighbor's beard shaving …… put yours to soak.

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